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Starter Kit Part One: Pledges

These pledges are part of the ethical framework which Thomas James, an ethical leader who discusses global ethics issues, sets forth in his book, "Earth Under Scrutiny".


I will intentionally treat people as free persons with
God-given, inalienable rights and eternal destiny.


I will intentionally define others as individuals who can
be used for my purposes, as sheep to be shorn, victims
of my predations, infidels, members of a lower caste, or
as inferior based on their color, creed, gender, or party
membership and therefore not important.


I will intentionally define my Work and that of others as Gift.


Ethical Framework

I will intentionally define work as onerous, tiresome, boring, as slavery, or as a path to wealth, power, and control.
I will seek to be a Person of integrity and believe that Truth is not relative in things that matter, and I will seek the unfolding of Truth in all matters, Persons, relationships, and in my life.
I will intentionally define Truth as relative, situational, undiscoverable, bendable, unimportant, irrelevant, bothersome, as merely useful when spun or shaped, or something to be given a corrupted interpretation or meaning when passing it on to succeeding generations.
I will intentionally define each of my communities: my family, my workplace, my city, my country, and my world as composed of free Persons, each and all seeking the optimal development of mind, body, and spirit of each Person and each community.
I will intentionally define each of my communities as people and places that I can seek to exploit, manipulate, corrupt, and ultimately control.

I will intentionally define God as the Supreme Being who gives my life, and that of all Persons, meaning and brings the Sacred into my Work, my Community, my religion, and fulfills me as a Person.
I will intentionally define God as myself, the Party, the State, pleasure, wealth, status, or ultimately power.
Starter Kit Part Two: Ethical Questions
"An unexamined life is not worth living" -- Socrates
1. What or whom would I die for?
2. What or whom do I live for?
3. What is life?
4. What is the ethical direction of my life? Up or down?
5. Why are bad bosses bad?
6. What makes good bosses good?
7. What do I want for my relationships?
8. What do I give to my relationships?
9. Is there anything Sacred in my life?
10. If there is there nothing Sacred in my life, then what am I? An ape?
11. Do I lie habitually? Why?
12. If I could steal and not be caught--would I?
13. Why should I not lie or steal?
14. Can I trust someone I know who lies and steals?
15. What or who defines what are good or bad ethical values?
16. Why do children or the innocent suffer?
17. Is a "user" capable of friendship?
18. Why do bad ethical people and especially bad leaders prosper?
19. Do we live forever in an afterlife?
20. Does religion provide us with the Sacred in our communities and in our lives?
21. Who am I?
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