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[To get a feel for what Earth Under Scrutiny is like, the different topics discussed, and how it is written, I have decided to present
a wide variety of excerpts from the book. First, for a general overview of the book: the table of contents.]

Table of Contents

[The introduction to Earth Under Scrutiny covers the 5 Core Values: God, Person, Community, Work, and Truth, and discusses
how it is essential to intentionally makes these values operational in order our daily lives. Also, why ethics matters!]


PART I: The Laws

[The first part of the book covers 10 proposed laws for implementing globally in order to intentionally walk together into the
creation of a working Global Society.]

I. Against Theological Wars

II. Against the Uncontrolled Development and Deployment of Weapons of Mass Destruction

III. Against Arrogation of Power

IV. Against Warfare, Slavery, and Corruption through the Abuse of Economic Power and Material Wealth

V. Against Exploitation

VI. Against Destruction of the Environment

VII. Against Corruption

VIII. Against Extremism in Leadership

IX. Against Lying

X. Encourage Good Ethical Leadership

PART II: Good and Bad Global Ethical Frameworks from My Travels around the Galaxy

[The second part of Earth Under Scrutiny is a sci-fi story, written from the perspective of a galactic ethics inspector from the Galactic Federation.]

Good and Bad Global Ethical Frameworks From My Travels Around the Galaxy

Planet You Yin, Me Yang

Planet Dictatorship (P.D.)

Planet of U.G.

The Ant Farm Planet (A.F.P.)

Planet Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

Planet Ego

Planet Hell

PART III: Lagniappe

[The third part covers Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the importance of these values.]

Dominant Values





[The following is an excerpt from part 2.]

Examples of Good and Bad Ethical Frameworks from My Travels around the Galaxy

In my duties as a Watcher, I have visited and studied hundreds of Planets. I have selected a few for your study as examples of how good and bad ethics can determine the ultimate outcome of the kind of Global Society that evolves. The end result is either Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth – or at least as close as we’ll ever come in our lives.

I have observed that as a Planet moves from tribal ethics to nation ethics, there are moments when leaders have the BIG ethical choices. When the founders of the U.S.A. chose to define Persons as "individuals with inalienable rights," when Gandhi and Martin Luther King chose non-violence to confront colonialism and racism, when at the end of your World War II the leaders of the winning side chose to create a United Nations, when leaders from powerful nations are trying to help poorer nations and create just Global financial, environmental, and trade systems, it can be seen that your Planet is now on the cusp of a Global Society.

But then along came Weapons of Mass Destruction in the hands of power-crazed or religion-crazed leaders. Their followers invoke their God’s name or their leader’s name and happily blow themselves and innocent children by the busload into pieces.

What to do?

Adopt good operational ethical guidelines (like the First Ten Laws) and Centrist operational definitions of the Basic Concepts of Person, Work, Truth, Community, and God.

Recognize that your "Western" nations are making a religious cult based on individualism, NOT PERSONHOOD.

Your recent Global financial meltdown was caused by individuals acting greedily, defining their Work as making money, defining their Communities as places they can feed upon, and defining themselves as gods.

Because the good ethical basis of your "Western" civilization has been eroded away by arrogant individualism and gleeful adoption of the slogan "all ethics is relative," you are defenseless to create a platform or judge's bench from which you can totally condemn these activities. The Ten First Laws provide you with one approach to an ethical framework for creating a good ethical Global Society.

An Ethical Planet Tour

With each Planet, I’ll describe their current ethical values and definitions and what the adoption by their leaders of these values and definitions (operational values) has done to their Planet and its peoples as they attempt to create a Global Society. Next I’ll briefly describe how they got there, and, if I can, point out the leadership decisions that brought them to where they are!



[Throughout the book are scattered pledges, for making each lesson INTENTIONAL, because intentionality is a key part of ethics.]

I/We (Name/Group) will intend in the workplace, in Community gatherings, in the ballot box, in schools, in service functions, in contact with others, in all
relationships, in the media, and in all situations where I/we have some control over others to treat all Persons as I/we wish to be treated and to make that intention Real in word, action, and thought.



[I also present some of my poetry.]

Where does my care end?

Oh where should it end?

I have enough people I care about

And enough friends already!

So each day when I was before

My new now, 

I closed the door of my heart 

And began shutting down my soul.

Then something, or should I say, 

Someone happened!

My defenses were down

The reasons unimportant

It could have been anything.

And suddenly, where before you

Were not on my list of persons

I thought of as full-fledged Persons, 

All of a sudden you became

A potential neighbor, friend, loved one.

All of a sudden

I cried.

I cried my wasteful anger and 

Hardened heart.

I cried my shutting down. 

I cried my hurtful looks, words, gossip, bad tales, and 

All I did!

All you did was change my tire 

In the pouring rain and 

Would take no money but said

Something was it, "pass it 

Along," or, "you remind me of

My _____," or, "whatever.”

Then I sat in my car back

Home in my garage and I cried.

Or was it the extra time you 

Spent at the hospital, or

The kindness at the license bureau; or the Airport or...?

Whatever has become whoever?

You are now a Person to me. 

I now know I can’t be -

Fully be - without you, 

Persons All - in my life 

As it unfolds. 

Help me be in yours too!

[The book contains many styles, including philosophy, sci-fi, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, so there is something in this book for everyone. I know that you will be entertained by this book, and it will also have something in it that can inspire you and make you think about bigger issues that impact all of us.]
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