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The Day of Celebration

by Tom James on 02/25/19

World leaders, imagine a future world where the following scenario is a reality, and make this day come!

The whole world is watching the special meeting of all the world leaders at the UN. During the past few days, a special UN meeting of all the leaders of the “nuclear nations” have met and adopted the following resolution:


Also that:

“All nations of the world hereby appoint the United Nations to carry out this destruction of all WMD's.”

That the United Nations, under the direction of the United Nations Bureau of WMD Destruction has a supervising committee composed of:

-The Secretary-General of the United Nations,

-The Director of the Bureau,

-And representatives of the following nations: Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, and Poland.

That this Bureau be given the authority, resources, and personnel to carry out this task:

That any nation that refuses to fully cooperate with the United Nations in destroying its WMD's shall have its borders, ports, and airports closed and its communications disrupted.

NOW: the General Assembly meets to vote on the approval of the declaration, with the whole world watching.

The Secretary-General calls the meeting of all the leaders of the nations of the world, who are either present themselves or technologically present. He simply and directly asks all the leaders to vote to:

-APPROVE- or -DISAPPROVE- the adoption of the declaration.

Then the celebration (or weeping?) may begin.

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