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Leadership and Wisdom

by Tom James on 12/23/18

In this time of peril as well as hope for Planet Earth—peril from WMD's in the hands of power-crazed lunatics, and hope because of the wonderful breakthroughs of technology in every aspect of life.

At this time of celebration for Christmas, an idea occurred to me: what if God (the Supreme Being) sent Confucius, Buddha, Mohammad, and Jesus to visit us and give us their collective wisdom about the choices we have in saving our planet and enjoying technological prosperity as we are faced with the greatest crisis in our human history!

I think they would begin by posing a series of questions:

  1. Do you human Persons have a common set of values that allow you to negotiate in an atmosphere of trust? No!

  2. Do you have a common definition of God as the one Supreme Being? No!

  3. Do you recognize that all humans have been gifted with Personhood (a soul!) and are all the same? No!

  4. Have your political and religious leaders adopted systems that are not power-mad or based on total control over their people, who they view as servants of their controlling political and religious group? No!

  5. Are all Persons in all political or religious Communities seen to possess the inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” because of their Personhood? Some, but not all.

The four great leaders speak, “Our suggestion to you is, on the basis of your answers, simple: take responsibility for changing yourselves and your political and religious systems so that a 'yes' answer will be given to the 5 questions in the future, or you will have no future at all!

“We will pray for you.”

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