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Leadership and the Work of Our Souls

by Tom James on 12/15/18

We are never alone! We are surrounded by all of our ancestors, loved ones, and friends who have died, plus all the souls of the universe. Also, God's love is in our souls, waiting for us and helping us.

What do our souls do? What should they do?

BASICS! The Supreme Being (God) is a God of love. He gives us souls (Personhood) to join him in loving union forever. If this is true, then we need to prepare our souls for love eternal.



-Learning how to love by letting our souls go beyond the body's desire for sex and going beyond our mind's limited concepts of loving. We should intentionally TOUCH the souls of others with love—no words! As it will be in heaven!

-Is it possible that our ancestors are always available to us—touching our souls? Is it possible that, for instance, our mothers or spouses who have passed not only hear our prayers but are also in communion with us? Try it! Is it possible that the loving touch of our souls is as it will be with God in heaven? That it can and should occur anytime, anywhere, and often!?

-A step further! Could we reach out to enemies like someone who is robbing us, falsely accusing us, or driving their car erratically? Could we STOP, reach out, and seek to touch them with forgiveness and love—no words, just our souls? GO!

-In suffering—in pain, loss, poverty, disaster, accident, a lifelong or temporary disability, etc., do we have the opportunity to TOUCH and be touched by God and countless others like caregivers and rescue workers? God is loving and merciful, and there is no better time to come roaring into our souls than when we are suffering and totally vulnerable!!!


Let us leaders practice touching the souls of our ancestors AND of our present family AND everyone on Earth AND in the UNIVERSE!

I hope I can, through my writing, reach out and touch my soul to yours with the shared love of God!

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