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Leadership and the current Theological War!

by Tom James on 01/05/20

All Leaders, everywhere, must recognize and take action to end the raging theological war on Earth or there will be no future for the Persons of mankind.

This current theological war has been brought about by this centuries long belief held by certain sects and individuals who hold the belief that all non-Muslims must adopt their religion or die or be enslaved!
They believe that their HEINOUS actions- enslavement, genocide, and terrorism especially against Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other Muslims are inspired and sanctioned by their Muslim God!


The existence of WMD's alone demands it if we are to survive.

But even more importantly, this Muslim belief that all non-Muslims are evil is a theological cancer eating at the world community that MUST be rooted out and denied, and declared wrong by Good Muslims, Religious and Political Leaders now!

This demand must be  pronounced by the U.N. Assembly and all the Muslim and non-Muslim nations individually or the suffering by all Non-Muslim Persons as well as by Muslim Persons will keep escalating and consuming the lives of all Persons on EARTH!!!





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