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Leadership and the Cumulative Effect of Good and Evil Acts

by Tom James on 01/02/19

A thought on the end of 2018, December 31st:

Much of my blog entries have been about the role of leadership and Leaders in the face of WMD's of all types and powerful forces of evil political and religious ideas and Leaders. Today, let us dwell on the cumulative effect of every single good and evil act.

Just as a garden can become a thing of order and beauty, or a weed patch, by the daily choices of a gardener, so a Person, family, neighborhood, business, city, or country, even the whole world, is impacted by individual acts.

HOW? Examples:

  1. The family home can be a place of love, joy, and mutual support by the mother and father being Persons who began and continued their relationship in love, kindness, giving, and contributing one's Work, thoughts, energies, and devotion to loving and interested care for their children. Or the home can become the opposite when the parents have a relationship based on lust, selfishness, taking, “turning one's face away from the other,” and practicing neglectful and resentful anger at the demands of parenting!

  2. A playground can be a place of good friends or bullies.

  3. A neighborhood can be a safe place for families, a place of justice and peace. Or it can be a place of murders and drugs, corruption, and fear.

  4. A city can be a place where good neighborhood prevail, as well as justice, care for the needy, and creativity. Or evil neighborhoods can prevail, where corrupt leaders dispense evil judgments, their actions are clouded by self-seeking and power-seeking, where fear, murder, and despair fill the hearts and streets of the city!

  5. A religion can bring its followers together in love, mutual support, and worship of a Supreme Being of love and mercy, or it can call some of its followers to be mass murderers, slavers, or destroyers, who are filled with the terrible belief that their acts of hatred towards other religions are blessed by their “god.” Really, their wars with others in their religions are led by power-hungry leaders using religion to control and inspire evil acts in their followers!

  6. A nation's people can lose hope and despair of having good leaders in their cities. Their political life is filled with hatred. Mob rule fills the streets until they create a dictator, who they hope will restore order, and he DOES—at the loss of all their freedom. Then they become slaves of the one-party-rule state!

Leaders everywhere, listen and don't despair! YOU—at all levels—can change the direction of your family, your neighborhood, your city, your country, your world... for the better. Be strong and good ethical Leaders, and hope in our Supreme Being and in each other.

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