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Leadership and Being a Celebrity

by Tom James on 07/16/19

Does it seem to you that the dream of being a celebrity and the reality are so different?

Let's consider what happens when you become celebrated.

The first thing that happens, the reason I chose this topic: you cease to be a Person!!

You are now owned by your fans and treated as an object that must:

-Be available,

-Be smiling,

-Give autographs cheerfully,

-Continue to be a great artist, politician, military hero, entrepreneur, financier, or athlete to satisfy your fans' NEEDS and not YOURS!

-Is it any wonder that over time, celebrities fall into depression, drug and alcohol abuse, anger and resentment at life, the trap of ever-increasing performance expectation, and being unable to summon the energy to overcome obstacles and be positive?



For the Good, ethical Leader, being a grounded celebrity means that being celebrated is a way to serve others as a Leader. By being joyful, patient, kind, and cheerful to those Persons who ask you to handle these pressures so well, they will seek out and find the cause of your grounded life as a Person. This groundedness can only come from a goal in life that surpasses and supercedes all other goals—eternal celebration with God!

For those celebrities who define themselves as non-Persons, or ignore or reject the destiny and purpose of life—to prepare for choosing, loving, and being loved for and by the Supreme Being—they have no hope.

Being celebrated is a stormy sea of gigantic waves with a sinking boat!

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