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Leadership amd Disappearing Values

by Tom James on 02/08/20

Signs of disappearing values and value systems!

We give meaning to our lives through shared values. Through our religious festivals, celebrations, and important shared events, such as:

Political Holidays
-July 4th
-Armistice day

Religious Holidays and Events

Important days such as:
-sporting events
-etc, etc.

In the past, these events held strong religious or community shared values, prayers, songs, etc.

Now big events open without a prayer or song, or value-laden speech.

Now meals are eaten without being blessed, weddings held without God's blessing, big events without reflections, etc.

Now many people are lost in their iphones and miss these opening ceremonies even when they are held!


When we forget God and the Sacredness of life. Then we lose the values that hold society together, giving rise to loss of trust that binds the personhood concept, disappearing and with it, the death of mankind!

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