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Leaders Need a Care Meter and Antidotes for Fear!

by Tom James on 05/24/19

Whether you are a Leader of a family, business, or country, you constantly deal with and handle fear of all types in those you Lead.

There is good fear (or respect) and bad fear. Some people fear a loss of their job because of complications in the market, a loss of family because of bad parenting, or a loss of country because of wars.

Dealing with fear is your job as their Leader!

Throw into our lives fomenters of fear—warlike politicians and dictators, corrupt business executives, alcoholic parents, thieves and murderers, etc. These collective fear engines can create mass fear or hysteria and a group willingness to elect dictators or take to the streets and barricades.

For current day Leaders, factor in the incredible pace of change caused by technology, including weapons of mass destruction or the potential global spread of disease, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and it is a wonder that Earth's Communities are surviving at all!


Back to my constant pleas:

-Global Good ethical values,

-Creation of a Global response to the spread of WMD's,

-Denouncing of Evil leaders and their countries as Evil,

-The renewal of shared concepts such as Good and Evil, justice and corruption, love and hate, friendship and enmity, and positive action and idleness, so we all talk the same language.

Good, ethical Leaders: Now is the time to ACT and LEAD! You are SO needed!

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