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Leaders—Atheism, Abortion, and the Death of Democracy

by Tom James on 03/29/19

If there is no Supreme Being (God), then there is no Personhood, and therefore we are all animals with no inalienable rights...


If the atheists continue to impose abortion on this country (USA) and the baby Persons are forcibly denied the basic right to life, then the door is opened to deny the right to life of other Persons: the aged, the infirm, criminals, etc., and then when the dictator and the PARTY control all—then all rights are gone, and no one is a Person!

I remember that at the the Nuremberg trial of the Nazis at the end of World War II, an accused Nazi judge made the statement, “I didn't know that when we denied the first person their rights, that all the evils of Nazism would follow.”

The denial of the God-given Personhood says to God, “Not only do we deny your existence, but we make it the law of our country to kill your most wonderful and beautiful creations in the millions!!!!”

And the God-centered democracy crumbles onto the ash heap of history.

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