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Leaders and WHY!

by Tom James on 11/24/19

Sometimes, as we lead our followers to take care of the WHAT we do, we sometimes forget that WHY is as important because it supplies the continued motivation for our work and lifelong joy in our work!

What is so clear that what our Leadership team does is supply the what.
Examples - Farmers provide food on the table.
 -Police and first responders provide safety, security, and emergency help.
 - Parents and teachers raise and teach our children! 
- Artists bring beauty into our lives. 
- Politicians and court members bring order and justice to our communities and keep our cities livable!

[I think that there are two essential groups for a community to exist - Police and Garbage/Sanitation workers]


Leaders make these WHATS successful! It's what we do!

But WHY ?

We leaders must constantly remind us that we and all others who are suppliers of WHAT are Persons. Our goods and services are our GIFTS to our communities and make a civilization of Persons possible!

Our Persons, their goods and services are important. We leaders must constantly remind one another of this SO important WHY.

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