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Leaders and the Souls of Aborted Baby Persons

by Tom James on 09/01/19

So what does God (the Supreme Being) do with the millions of baby Persons killed in the womb each year? Before we hope the wisdom of God will answer the question for us, let us frame the issue.

Let us begin again with: there is a God.

What's more, God has chosen the human race on Earth. He gives each human a soul with the promise of an eternal life of Bliss if we choose to worship Him, serve Him by serving fellow Persons, and choosing good ideas, good values, good works, good spouses, etc.

BUT, suddenly, some modern women have decided that they have the RIGHT to kill the babies still in their wombs! Horror of Horrors!!

These babies are:

-Totally innocent,
-In various body-forming stages,
-ANDthey all have souls!!!

Plato, in talking about the existence of a Supreme Being, said that there must be an infinite being because we have infinite desire!


So an aborted baby's soul has infinite desire to be with God forever.

Question answered!

The God-created soul goes from being murdered, into the arms of God and the beatific vision, flooded with God's infinite knowledge, and sharing His infinite mercy and forgiveness toward those who killed him/her!

Pray, aborting mothers, to God, and to your aborted child's soul for forgiveness and help in your life to choose God in all things, so that you may spend eternity in a loving embrace with your child's soulhis or her most important part!!!

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