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Leaders and Preparation

by Tom James on 07/01/19

If you are not now a Leader, then I call you, or beg you, to become one. Become a Good, Ethical Leader.

Would-be Leaders prepare or are prepared for Leadership because of circumstance like war, being groomed by a strong family member, boss, or friend who challenges them to prepare for “life.” Thereby Leaders can Lead us to prepare for Leadership.

I hope the following Questions will be helpful for you to intentionally “choose” to prepare for Good, Ethical, Leadership!

  1. Do you want to be a Leader?

  2. If NO, please consider your reasons for saying “no.” If your role models are bad ones (lazy, corrupt, angry, hateful, or abusive) then use their examples of bad Leadership to Lead you to choose Good opposite Leadership styles, values, and goals for Leading Persons with a shared vision of a hope-filled Community

  3. If YES, then start preparing NOW. Your “yes” should cause you to examine every bit of knowledge, social experience, mistake, idea, inspiration (good or bad) and store it in your file of “Leadership learning” for future use! Pick friends who show signs of Leadership potential and drive to excel and achieve! If YES, then be POSITIVE in attitude, in seeing the good in events, Persons, and ideas. Actively fight for the positive good in all you think, do, or make a habit of!

If “yes,” then I have three words: observe, OBSERVE, OBSERVE everything!!!

If “yes,” seek the Supreme Being and His gifts, recognizing the Sacred in Persons, religion, good teaching, rituals, Leaders, and Communities. Identify evil-acting and -teaching religions!

If “yes,” then learn how to learn from your personal disasters, as well as Community and global disasters, such as wars, plagues, tornadoes, famine, etc. Learn how to pick yourself up and help those you Lead to do the same!

If “yes,” then develop a hopeful, cheerful, and humorous approach to yourself and others, especially those you will lead!

If “yes,” then PRAY!

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