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Leaders and Listening to God

by Tom James on 10/31/19

How do we tell what it is that God wants us to do? or Be? or Choose?

The sacred Writings of Various Religions, and Holy people tell us (and show us) that indeed God does talk to many Persons! But to you and me?

If so, HOW?
  1.  By searching and listening for God's talking to us and teaching us, and opening up our Souls for God to enter!
  2. By developing the characteristic of seeing God and His actions in nature, friends, daily life at all levels, and especially in other Persons!
  3. By recognizing that all things in our lives that are good and wonderful and helpful are the actions of God and about God. We are to recognize that all good things come from God!
  4. By leading others to seek God's Word in their own lives, by being a good example of God in our daily thoughts and actions, and crediting Blessings and all things Good as those that are inspired by God!
  5. By praying together in Religious services with fellow Seekers of God and those anxious to follow God's Will!
  6. By acknowledging our need for God by practicing humility for our sinfulness and earthly limitations, never ceasing to seek help in order to someday be with, and a part of, God!
  7. By Praying, Praying, Praying!

"Be still and know that I am God."

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