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Leaders and Hate

by Tom James on 03/20/19

Acts by hate-filled people fill the media! We are bombarded with stories of hatred: towards other races, religions, countries, poor or rich people, political enemies, EVERYONE!

What are Good, Ethical Leaders to do to stem the tide? It's easy to say LOVE, but let's go back to basics and find where hate and love spring from.

There is a moment of choice to hate! At some point in the life of the hater, one accepts another's hatred as one's own or one chooses one's own object of hatred.

SO! What if all Good, Ethical Leaders in the world decided to attack together this moment of decision to stop the hate-filled choice from being made?


A simple truth! That there is a God (Supreme Being), that God gave all human beings a soul and thereby made us Persons, and that every Person has the EXACT SAME GIFT. WE ARE ALL THE SAME!

THEREFORE—God wants us to use our freedom to choose hate or love. By choosing love, we will share God's life forever in the eternal light of God's love...


...a Person can turn away from God and God's love and CHOOSE to HATE! The fires of hatred will consume their souls, minds, and brains with the same fire that will burn in our souls in Hell for all eternity!!!

There is no rational choice to HATE! We have to be STUPID to hate other Persons who are exactly like us in our shared Personhood and eternal destiny! Can we not use the power of the media to call hate-filled terrorists, mass-murderers, power-mad political leaders, gang leaders, dope peddlers, hate-filled religious leaders, etc., as...


Their hate-filled acts are stupid, especially their first choice to HATE!

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