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Leaders and Family

by Tom James on 11/12/19

The Family is SO important in the development and support of Leaders.

In Youth, the formation of good and evil ethical leaders are profoundly impacted by good and evil ethical role model parents. Homes are ruled by love or anger; by good care or selfishness; by clear or confused ethics' guidance; by worthwhile or self-centered lifetime goals; by acceptance or rejection of a religious community; by an active or dormant prayer life; by recognition or rejection of each other as PERSONS. And by choosing the path of good or that of evil, we fulfill the Ultimate Divine End of an Eternity of life in God, or an eternity of aloneness.

Good families are the foundations of our thriving civilizations! Evil families are the cause of Wars, atrocities, the collapse of financial and medical systems, crime, broken Justice systems, etc., etc., ETC!!!

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