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Leaders and FAITH and CORRUPTION

by Tom James on 10/17/19

Faith, the bedrock foundation of all relationships among Persons and our Leaders is most positively strengthened by good ethical beliefs and actions and negatively affected by bad ethical beliefs and actions.

You think that's obvious?

But today, let's consider the cumulative effect of good and bad ethics and actions:

     -It always amazed me when I did consulting, how colleges or businesses revealed their vitality, or "sickness". From the moment of introduction, one could sense the aura of hope, or the cloak of despair from the teams. I still remember these moments as I walked into the room, and my impressions were reinforced as I completed my time at that site.

     -I believe that organizations become sick or strong because of bad or good leadership:

     -The selection of leaders and their teams is the initial and most important step in order to establish a strong base of which good ethics and actions can be supported. If the Selection Committee has already proven to have good ethics, then those leaders that are chosen will have a higher chance of applying these ethics for actions of good. If the Committee uses corrupt standards for their selection, the team they choose will undoubtedly reflect that bad model, and will ultimately bring about their destruction through bad leadership, and unethical actions.

How do we maintain a good organization as good, or correct a sick organization and make it better?

     -The leadership team, with humility, continually analyzes current performance,

     -LISTENS to, with humility, and welcomes input from all concerned!!

     -rewards good performance and corrects and turns around the bad.

     -Prayer, PRAYER, and Proper for God's light of understanding, knowledge, wisdom and courage to help - help - help bless the Leadership team with the Joy of Success!

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