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How the Supreme Being (God) Speaks to Leaders—NOW!

by Tom James on 12/01/18

As all good, ethical Leaders try to create a world safe for Persons everywhere to not only survive but thrive, God is here to help and guide us!


Please consider these following ways:

  1. From the time God gave human beings a soul and made them Persons, God has had a love affair with us. The Supreme Being guided us first into family units, then into tribes. Tribes responded in fear and wonder with rituals and prayers created by their Leaders!

  2. As people built cities and countries, and with the development of the written word, Leaders created the wonderful religious literature that speaks to and inspires us current Leaders to worship the divine in multiple and creative forms together. They created the formal religions we know today that guide, nurture, and support so many of us Leaders today.

  3. These Leaders of the current religions of today try to spend their lives in prayer, holiness, learning, writing, and teaching us Leaders how to Lead nations and individual Persons to create good families, villages, cities, countries, and faithful followers of the GOOD. Thereby Leaders can create the whole Good, Global Community!

  4. All us Leaders are capable of communicating with God if we would only try! We can communicate with God through daily prayer and daily listening to God communicating to us.

  5. God has given all Persons the ability to see and choose the good path or the evil one! As we choose a path, good or evil habits are formed that bring us closer to good or evil. We can intentionally choose to good path, the good habit, the good friendship, the best religious choices, the best Work, and the best investment of our time, resources, and energy.

  6. For Christians, Jesus is the WORD of GOD who can be our Way, our Truth, our Life, and our Light, now and at the moment of our dying. Through a daily reading of the New Testament, we can hear Jesus teaching us that God is our Father, that we must love one another, that we must forgive to be forgiven, that as Leaders, we must seek to serve rather than be served, that everything in our lives, every act, every thought, every joy or suffering, and every event have great meaning if we join with Jesus in “renewing the face of the Earth!!!”

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