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Do we ask our Supreme Being to bless our EVIL ACTS?

by Tom James on 10/10/19

Dear Good Ethical Muslim Leaders: Do you believe that the murderous acts and open hatreds such as:
-Genocide in the South Sudan by Muslims,
-Horrific acts of murder, torture, suicide bombing by ISIS and others in Paris and Syria,
-A stated desire to "drive all Jews into the Mediterranean" by the Religious and Political Leader of a Muslim Country,
-Murderous rebels in many countries conducting campaigns of terrorism, suicide bombings, and murders, etc.,
-World-Wide campaigns of HATRED by evil sects of Muslims against other Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and other non-Muslims, etc., etc., etc.
PLEASE Dear Good, Ethical Muslim Leaders come forth and enter the world of WMDs and world-wide acts of hatred etc., and state that your God does not sponsor these acts of evil!
Your God is not evil!
The sponsor of EVIL is Satan!
Any sponsor of Evil is a servant of Satan!
Save the planet Earth from a nuclear Armageddon and a continually spreading horror show of evil acts!!!

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