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A Mass Murderer and the Night Before!

by Tom James on 06/21/19

The 15-year-old Boy wakens from terrible dreams and suddenly realizes that he is not alone. He shouts,

Boy: WHAT!!!

Boy: Who is there? I see you both!

Boy: Who are you?

Hope: I am Hope, your guardian angel from God!

Despair: And I am Despair, your guardian angel from Satan!

Boy: What do you want?

Hope and Despair: Your soul!

Hope: You have one more chance to decide not to go to your high school and kill your fellow students tomorrow. Now, I am giving you great graces to clear a path for your will to cancel your plans for tomorrow!

Despair laughs derisively.

Despair: Ha! No way! This soul is mine. His will is so locked up with hatred and anger at God, his parents, his life, his school and everything and everybody, and with lust and jealousy, your grace is drowned in a sea of despair! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hope: There is always hope until you are dead, so now choose the light. Choose to plead for God's mercy and love, who even now is waiting for you to turn to love and turn away from despair.

Boy: Enough! I want to kill. Come into me, Despair. Kill my brain with a feeling of power—power over life and death, power to destroy lives, power to fill their families with despair, power to create fear in hundreds of students and teachers, and power over my own fear!

Ending #1

The next day, with bodies all around, the mass murderer Boy is riddled with bullets, and Despair rips his soul out and carries him to Hell.

Ending #2

In the months after, the Boy is still living and in chains. He is allowed to see the TV reports of families and students turning to Hope, Love, and Forgiveness. Boy's nights are filled with despair

and then lately—can it be? A small glimmer!

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