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About me and the ethical framework in the book "Earth Under Scrutiny":

The first step I took on a path to a lifelong interest in global ethics was to major in Philosophy at Notre Dame University.  Subsequent steps were to become an adjunct faculty member at six higher educational institutions where I held different administrative posts, teach business ethics at several of the institutions to MBA and EMBA students, and then use my retirement years to write a book on global ethics issues proposing an "ethical framework for a global society."

I have long felt that the urgency of our going global, which we are doing willy-nilly, without a commonly agreed-upon and adopted ethical framework, in an era of exploding technology, especially in the area of development and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, required an attempt at creating an ethical framework in the hope that a more scholarly and expert individual and ethical leader would see the need for such a framework and produce one a hundred times better than my fledgling effort.


Read my effort, toss it aside, and then alone or with others, create the ultimate, perfect, incredibly wonderful ethical framework for our global society that will be universally lauded and applauded and adopted.

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About Me -- Global Ethics Issues

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