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A man and a woman, both husband and wife, are sitting at home watching TV with their two kids. They are both tired from a long day's work, because they both need to earn an income to support the family. Their meal is simple, because they got home late. The children have finished their homework, and they all enjoy the time that they get to spend together.

Then the program is interrupted with an important news broadcast. Is there a terrorist attack? Is some rogue state threatening its neighbors? Maybe a natural disaster or some corruption coming to light?

Actually, it is an address from the United Nations, and being delivered by none other than a visitor from another solar system. He (she?) is in the midst of an address to the entire Human Race.
Do we have Shared Global Values?    
If we have no Shared Global Values and weapons of mass destruction, is a horrible armageddon only a matter of time?   
So - Adopt propose 10 First Ethical Laws as the first step toward Shared Global Values as presented in Earth Under Scrutiny.
He says, "My fellow children of the One Supreme Being, I am a Watcher, assigned to Earth to monitor the development of the Human people. I am very impressed with many of the things that I see here: your religious devotion, your acts of service and generosity, your art, your science, your music, your philosophy, your political and economic systems. All of these are amazing accomplishments. However, there are many situations going on that force me to break my silence and warn you about. Your weapons of mass destruction, your theological wars, your continued rape and pillage of the Earth, your indifferent attitude towards fellow Persons, your pride and arrogance as if you are invincible. You are like spoiled children, but you wield weapons that could destroy everything!

"Because we at the Galactic Federation do not want a catastrophe to occur, as it has on other planets just like yours, I have written a proposed ethical framework for you to consider. This is an ethical system that all Persons, great and small, from world leaders, to Community activists, to humble Persons from all backgrounds, can choose to adopt and live out in their daily lives. Creating a functioning Global system of ethics that everyone can agree upon and adhere to will make the difference between survival and extinction. What will you choose?"

This is the concept behind my book "Earth Under Scrutiny." For more information, browse around this website. We have a blog where more ideas are being published all the time. And thank you for your interest in creating a Global Community!
HomePledges/QuestionsExcerptsBlogBookAbout Me

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